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I Am Second

We are available 24/7 to discuss how Christ can be first in your life.

Mike Huckabee is second - His testimony

Focus on the Family's Be A Voice outreach equips you to be a voice for life in your community, on campus, at your church and with friends and family. Access free downloadable resources that will help you understand how the sanctity of human life applies to each stage of life, helping you make life-affirming choices for you and your family. is a collection of articles, resources and referrals organized by topic around family issues and concerns.

The Way to Walk

Exploring Halakha Meshichit (the Way to Walk) as Messianic Jewish 

believers in Yeshua the Messiah.

"Toward Jerusalem Council II" is an initiative of repentance and reconciliation between the Jewish and Gentile segments of the Church. The vision is that one day there will be a second Council of Jerusalem that will be, in an important respect, the inverse of the first Council described in Acts 15. Whereas the first Council was made up of Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus), who decided not to impose on the Gentiles the requirements of the Jewish law, so the second Council would be made up of Gentile church leaders, who would recognize and welcome the Jewish believers in Yeshua without requiring them to abandon their Jewish identity and practice.
Executing His Word is a ministry that offers the entire Body of Christ the motivation, determination, and tools necessary to change this world through personal evangelism. Whether you’re a church leader who wants to bring one of our conferences to your members or you’re an individual believer who needs help overcoming your fear to witness; we want to equip you to carry out the Great Commission.